Goldsbrough Hot Water Embedded Network with Active

Pre 1994, a deal for energy for the Goldsbrough building was setup with the developer/Sydney Electricity/Ausgrid to use electricity only.

Sydney Electricity/Ausgrid installed centralised Hot Water systems which included wiring to each apartment with meters to record both the electricity consumption & the pulse meters for hot water usage under the kitchen sinks. Every quarter Ausgrid would download each apartments the metering numbers and forward to the retailers.  (Summarised the following: an algorithm was setup by Ausgird to calculate total energy used divided by total (hot water) pulses + ROI + profit to convert into base unit supply = pulse/kW/h)

Each individual Electricity Account invoice had a combined total for electricity & pulses/electricity for hot water with a breakdown as follows:

  • CTRL1 electricity energy related to power consumption, lights, AC, TV, stove, computer, associated appliances, etc.
  • CTRL2 the Ausgrid pulse meter on the Hot Water pipework converted from pulses into kW consumption rate.
  • Since 2018-9 after de-regulation of electricity industry & Ausgrid had been constantly trying to force the OC to takeover cost of energy to produce Hot Water.
  • Forced changed by Ausgrid/AER/AEMO commenced from 1st July 2022.
  • Each apartment was required to separate accounts into energy usage & hot water usage. Invoices would be from your retailer for electricity energy & the Hot Water usage the through Active as the operator for the embedded network, noting the Goldsbrough Owners Corporation has only one centralised electric hot water system.
  • Active negotiations included to fund the conversion & metering install /infrastructure /billing system.


  • Since 2018-2022 OC had pushed back due to the financial impact to owners.
  • Which would have added $200k to the Admin increase would be covered in LEVIES.
  • Through transparent legal, Bylaw & tendering process Active was chosen with best service & the fairest pricing ( 7% lower than market leader Origin )
  • Strata & Building Mgmt negotiated $80k+gst from Ausgrid to help with conversion.
  • As we know the energy pricing went crazy in April with the building’s wholesale market increased 150-200% off peak & peak.
  • Active negotiations included to fund the conversion & metering install /infrastructure/billing system.
  • Inclusive to this there is contract offset to reduce the overall cost of energy with a margin returning to the OC.
  • Benefits will be seen once the NEW Upgraded the hot water system is operational ( Solar/Heat Pumps/Gas).

In summary, had we not completed the above processes, the Budget would have incurred additional overhead costs in ADMIN-ELECTRICITY to the tune $400k/annum going forward which would have to be covered only by increasing LEVIES to pay for.