The Goldsbrough Building

For Residents and Owners

Something old, something new: the Goldsbrough is both true to its storied history and a thoroughly modern, mixed-use building.

Moving In

Before you move into your apartment, we invite you to contact our Facilities Manager, who will give you a 10-15 minute walk-through of the building. He can show you the who, what, when and how of the Goldsbrough and introduce you to the Concierge. It’s a great way to understand how the building operates, and a good opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your new home. Please email to arrange a time.

Download the Welcome pack

All residents need to move in or out through the loading dock on level 2 that opens on to Camden Lane at the back of the building. There is a goods/service lift near the entrance to the loading dock for moving furniture and belongings. We ask you to book the dock and lift as soon as you set your moving date to avoid a clash. To book, please call the Concierge on 9692 9455. There is a fully refundable lift bond of $300.

It is an occupational health and safety requirement that you move in or out through the loading dock, not through the main front entrance.

Concierge and security

Our Concierge service is available 24/7 and we have extra security from 5pm to 6am. You can contact both on 9692 9455. The Concierge is your first point of contact for:

  • parcel deliveries
  • booking the goods/service lift – please give 48 hours’ notice
  • residential form – we ask you to complete this for your safety; for everyone’s safety (so we know who should be in the building and who shouldn’t); and so we know who to contact in the event of an emergency (your information will be strictly protected). You can download the form from Documents and forms.

If you are in doubt about any building issue, please ask the Concierge – they are here to help.

Short-term rentals

For the health and safety of all guests, residents and staff, all owners who offer their apartments for short-term rentals (Airbnb, Stayz etc) must comply with certain conditions spelled out in Bylaw 16. You will need to have a landline installed in your apartment and the phone number registered with the Concierge. Expected guests must be registered with Hotel management via this form: 

Guests must check in with Hotel management and/or the Concierge before entering the apartment. Should guests unnecessarily trigger a fire alarm so that the NSW Fire Service has to attend, the owner will be charged the cost of the callout. Also, any cleaners or tradespeople who attend your apartment must be insured and registered with the Concierge. We urge you to read Byline 16 which you can find and down load on the Documents and forms page of this website.

Gym, pool, spa, sauna

These facilities (on level 1, entrance opposite the lifts) are for the enjoyment of all residents and guests. The area is open from 6am to 11pm. Just a few guidelines:

  • please dress appropriately (no bare feet in the foyer or atrium walkways)
  • do not leave children unattended
  • alcohol is not permitted in this area
  • please dry off before leaving the area.

Our fire system and your safety

The Goldsbrough is fitted out with a state-of-the-art fire detection and alarm system that has a back-to-base function linked directly to the fire brigade.

Each apartment is fitted with sprinklers as well as and heat detectors with a warning sound:

  • studios and one-bed apartments have one smoke/heat detector
  • two-bed apartments have two smoke/heat detectors
  • common areas and plant rooms have smoke/heat detectors.

There are two panels on level 1 that register any changes to the status of each smoke/heat detector and these panels are constantly monitored by the Concierge.

In the event of an emergency, alarms will sound in every apartment and throughout the building – please evacuate quickly and calmly using the fire stairs, not the lifts. You can exit the building through both levels 1 and 2. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the exits closest to your apartment and the fire stairs.

Our evacuation meeting point is on Pyrmont St opposite the entrance to number 235 where the roads intersect under cover. Always follow directions from the Concierge, security and other staff.

Between 5am and midnight, the system allows a 5-minute pre-alarm period. If the smoke alarm in your apartment sounds, the Concierge will call to check if you are OK and assess any risk. Staff may also come to your door. If we cannot contact you within 5 minutes, the emergency procedure will begin and the fire brigade will be called automatically. To avoid unnecessary evacuations, we recommend:

  • always use the rangehood when cooking
  • open a window
  • keep the bathroom door closed when showering

If the alarm goes off in your apartment because of a minor issue such as steam from the shower or smoke from cooking, open an external-facing window – not the front door – as this may activate the alarm in the common area.

Between midnight and 5am, there is no pre-alarm period. Should smoke, steam or heat set off the alarm in your apartment, the system will immediately contact the fire brigade.

If the fire brigade attends the building for a false alarm, the call-out cost to owners is $1776, so we ask you to follow these preventative measures.



If you are considering updating or improving your apartment, we ask that you contact the Facilities Manager first. What looks like a simple kitchen or bathroom update can potentially affect neighbouring apartments or common infrastructure through plumbing issues, membranes, shared walls, ceilings and floors.

Discussing your plans with the Facilities Manager will avert potential problems and ensure you remain within the building’s by-laws. You can contact him on You can find a renovation application form in Documents and forms, it covers the issues you will need to consider.

It is also crucial that we ensure any tradespeople who work in the building are covered by the appropriate insurance and have completed a building induction so the Facilities Manager knows who is on the premises and why. You can download the induction form from Documents and forms.

Owners are responsible for supervising tradespeople. Please also bear in mind the safe transport of any building materials and tools through common areas.

Important issues to discuss with the Facilities Manager include:

  • insurances, including workers’ compensation
  • risk assessment
  • site induction for tradespeople
  • noise management – notifying surrounding residents
  • dust control
  • managing any fire system isolations to prevent false alarms (if the fire brigade is called unnecessarily, this attracts a fine of $1776).
  • waste management plan
  • under the bylaws, The Owner’s Corporation may place a bond during the works.

If you fail to comply with the safety and risk-management procedures, we will have to stop your renovations. This is to protect the building’s integrity and to keep everyone safe.

Strata Manager

Our Strata Manager is Whelan Property Group:

277 Pyrmont Street
Ultimo NSW 2007
Phone 9219 4111

The Strata Manager works at the direction of the Strata Committee in the capacity of an administrator. Our strata manager issues levy notices and collects the funds, pays contractors, deals with owners or residents who breach the by-laws, and ensures the building and its management comply with all relevant legislation.


Your fob is your key to the building. Use it to enter through the main front entrance after 10pm and the level 2 entrance at all times. It is also your key to the lifts and the pool and gym area. To maintain good security, we are cautious about issuing fobs, and apartment entitlements are:

  • studio: 2 fobs
  • 1 bed: 2 fobs
  • 2 bed: 4 fobs
  • penthouse: 6 fobs

If you lose your fob, visit the Concierge and fill out the fob replacement form (or download it from Documents and forms). There is a flat charge of $110 per fob.

Attention: Owners of animals at the Goldsbrough

Based on a recent NSW law, the animal by-law for the Goldsbrough has been changed so that animals may now live in the Goldsbrough. But the NSW law specifies that the animal must be registered with the Owners Committee.

Therefore, if you have an animal living in the building you must register it with the Owners Committee. If you do this by Friday, November 11th the Administration fee of $100 for dogs and $50 for cats will be waived.

To register:

    1. 1. Contact the Building Manager, Gary Binskin, who will provide you with the registration papers.
    1. 2. Download the Registration papers, fill out, and send to Gary Binskin


Ed Truscott – For the House Committee

Download the application forms from Documents and forms

Rubbish and recycling

Each floor has a rubbish room – you will see its double doors next to lift 3.

  • red bins are for general waste
  • yellow bins are for recycling

For everyone’s convenience:

  • please do not put plastic bags in the recycling
  • please flatten all small cardboard boxes before putting them in the yellow recycling bins
  • if you have a large cardboard box to dispose of (think: new TV), please cut it up, flatten it and place it in the big recycling skip in the level 2 dock area.

Council pick-up: The City of Sydney provides a pick-up service every Wednesday for removal of furniture and whitegoods. To make use of this service, you need to place your item on the back dock external apron on Tuesday. Please call the Concierge on 9692 9455 by noon on Tuesday to book the goods lift.

Dumping items in Camden Lane attracts a fine (the security cameras can see you).

To All Residents: Your Cardboard Deliveries

Online deliveries continue to increase & are placing huge demand on the limited resources of the building ie. Concierge recording, sorting, storing & Cleaning services, understand this is an extended privilege from the COVID days; it is NOT a right. 

Help do the right thing to resolve :

  • Your delivered boxes MUST be flatten & placed in the yellow bins.
  • What does not fit needs to be taken to the dock for the larger yellow bins.
  • It is up to everyone to do the right thing.
  • If this fails, acceptance of deliveries, will be reviewed.

Goldsbrough Building Management


Active Hot Water Registration

 To Owners/Tenants 

Due to de-regulation of the energy industry the Goldsbrough Building has one central electric hot water system, as of 

1st July 2022. 

AER/AEMO/Ausgrid forced the building to takeover & install a new embedded network for the supply & billing of hot water service, through service provider Active Utilities. 

Each apartment needs to setup separate service accounts for electricity & Active Hot Water.

Please register with Active follow the link to signup :

  1. Choose “I am not an existing customer”
  2. Choose customer type “Residential”
  3. Put your address (Street No. and Name) or Use Site Code: AUPN92937
  4. Complete the information “Bulk Hot Water”
  5. Skip Telco
  6. Complete the remaining information

Note: Please avoid using symbols like “&” to avoid errors.

Goldsbrough Committee