The Goldsbrough Building

Frequently asked questions

All owners are part of the collective body called the Owners Corporation. The Goldsbrough Strata Committee, elected annually at the Annual General Meeting by owners (or their nominees) represents the interests of owners. It administers the day-to-day running of the strata scheme. The committee meets on a monthly basis and oversees such matters as:
  • maintaining and repairing common property
  • managing the strata scheme’s finances
  • arranging insurance
  • keeping records and accounts
  • administering the by-laws.
Your Strata Committee comprises up to nine members, including a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary and has three subcommittees: the Building Subcommittee, which oversees major repairs and building works; the Finance Subcommittee, which oversees how levies are charged and spent; and the House Subcommittee, which aims to improve living conditions within the Goldsbrough for all residents. You can contact the Strata Committee by writing a note in the Comments Book at the Concierge Desk on level 1, or Contact Us here.

The Strata Manager works at the direction of the Strata Committee in the capacity of an administrator. Our strata manager issues levy notices and collects the funds, pays contractors, deals with owners or residents who breach the by-laws, and ensures the building and its management comply with all relevant legislation.

Our strata manager is Whelan Property Group.
277 Pyrmont Street
Ultimo NSW 2007
Phone 9219 4111

The Goldsbrough offers a 24-hour Concierge service and security from 5pm to 6am. The Concierge provides services to all occupants such as receiving parcels, taking bookings for the meeting room and goods lift (for moving in or out or moving furniture or whitegoods), and bookings for the airport shuttle. The Concierge can also help with street directions and general information about Pyrmont and the city. You can find the Concierge and Security on level 1 opposite the reception desk, and you can call them on 9692 9455.

All apartment buildings in New South Wales have a set of By-Laws. As in any community, we have devised certain rules for residents based on the collective experience of owners and residents over 20 years. They cover such issues as guidelines and permission for renovations, pets, noise, and how common property is maintained, among many others. The By-Laws are amended from time to time, but this requires majority vote at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

You can find the By-Laws under Documents and forms and there are printed copies with the Concierge.

Since the building comprises some 500 apartments with many residents and guests, we need to consider everyone’s safety and convenience

If you are moving into or out of the building, we ask you to book a 15-minute meeting with the Facilities Manager to go over your needs. He can give you a quick walk-through and introduce you to the Concierge. You can contact him on

All moving in and out takes place through the Camden Lane loading dock on level 2 and the goods/service lift near the entrance to the loading dock. We ask you to book the dock and lift as soon as you set your moving date to avoid a clash. To book, please call the Concierge on 9692 9455.

It is an occupational health and safety requirement that you move in or out through the level 2 loading dock, not through the main front entrance.

We all need to have furniture or whitegoods delivered at one time or another. At the same time, we need to minimise disruption to residents, guests and staff, as well as keep everyone safe.

All deliveries need to be made through the level 2 loading dock (entrance on Camden Lane). For everyone’s health and safety, deliveries cannot be received through the front entrance and foyer.

Here are a few simple steps if you need to have a large item delivered:

  • contact the Concierge on 9692 9455 to inform them of the date
  • book the service elevator with the Concierge in the same call
  • ask your deliverer to come to the back dock on Camden Lane (entrance off Allen Street) – ensure the deliverer can contact you in the event of any confusion
  • meet the delivery vehicle at the loading dock and call the Concierge to raise the boom gate if necessary.

Please note that it is not the job of reception staff, including the Concierge or Security, to move large items. If delivery staff damage the common property of the building in any way, please notify the Concierge as soon as possible.

The City of Sydney provides a pick-up service every Wednesday for removal of furniture and whitegoods. To make use of this service, you need to place your item on the back dock external apron on Tuesday. Please call the Concierge on 9692 9455 by noon on Tuesday to book the goods lift.

Dumping items in Camden Lane attracts a fine.

The Goldsbrough is home to hundreds of residents and guests, so we ask you to be mindful of noise, particularly in the atrium area. Please keep noise to a minimum after 10pm on weekdays and after midnight on weekends. If you are being disturbed by excess noise, please contact the Concierge on 9692 9455 who can send security to investigate if necessary.

Please see the Concierge. To maintain good security we will need to cancel your old FOB and ask you to fill out a form for a new one. There is a cost of $110.

You can find the form under Documents and forms.

Pets are permitted within the Goldsbrough. However, you must seek approval from the Owners Corporation and refer to the pet by-law 2 (keeping of animals). You can contact us here

Smoking is prohibited in all apartments, on balconies, and in common areas. We have a large open atrium and we need to consider not just the smell of smoke drifting throughout the building, but also fire safety. If you need to smoke, please exit the building and step away from the main entrances.

Common property such as the foyer, the pool and gym, the elevators and the lighting are maintained by building management, funded by strata levies. If you have a specific concern, please visit or call the Concierge and record your concern in our Comments Book or contact us here. The Facilities Manager checks this book regularly, as does the Strata Committee before monthly meetings. If the matter is urgent, begin with the Concierge on 9692 9455.

Many of us would like to improve our apartment from time to time, and it is important to contact the Facilities Manager first. What looks like a simple kitchen or bathroom update can potentially affect neighbouring apartments or common infrastructure through plumbing issues, membranes, shared walls, ceilings and floors.

Discussing your plans with the Facilities Manager will avert potential problems and ensure you remain within the building’s by-laws. You can contact him on

It is also crucial that we ensure any tradesmen who work in the building are covered by the appropriate insurance and have completed a building induction so the Facilities Manager knows who is on the premises and why. You will find the induction form under Documents and forms.

Owners are responsible for supervision of tradespeople, and also need to bear in mind the safe transport of any building materials and tools through common areas.