Goldsbrough Hot Water Embedded Network with Active

Goldsbrough Hot Water Embedded Network with Active Pre 1994, a deal for energy for the Goldsbrough building was setup with the developer/Sydney Electricity/Ausgrid to use electricity only. Sydney Electricity/Ausgrid installed centralised Hot Water systems which included wiring to each apartment with meters to record both the electricity consumption & the pulse meters for hot water […]

Goldsbrough’s Energy – Efficiency Journey

Goldsbrough’s Energy – Efficiency Journey Goldsbrough Apartments has had a rich history, with the original Goldsbrough Woolstore built in 1886. in 1994, it was transformed into a mixed-use residential building, boasting 526 apartments and 48 commercial spaces.  Over the last 16 years, Goldsbrough Owners Corporation & Oaks Building Manager have relentlessly pursued energy-saving endeavours. Key […]